A Gypsy Blue Moon

All things bohemian, magical and utterly enchanted.


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All Things Bohemian, Magical

ღ Utterly Enchanted

Live Gypsy.

Live Boho.

Be Free.

☽ ☾ ○ ◯

Welcome to our World!



A Gypsy Blue Moon ~ a place of Enchantment, Magick and Spirit!  We’re dedicated to bringing you the most magickal and wondrous creations for your life.  Come to our world, where the Gypsies create magick, the faeries run free and life is always enchanted and mystical.

We strive to bring you a world where you can be true to your authentic self and create the life of your dreams.  

Peace ☮ and Love  ♥ to you always.

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